About Gino Lomeli

Gino Lomeli at his core is an artist at heart, since a child Gino has always taken part in art contests and had a passion to work on anything that helped express his creativity.

As a profession Gino works as a Design Architect who has won various awards worldwide, his most notable project is working on the new International Terminal at LAX.


One year one of Gino’s principal’s saw his mobile phone pictures that he had taken and told him “You have a really good eye” since then he played more and more with Photography. 

Gino is a self-taught photographer until ultimately finding the the type and style he can express himself with. Street photography being one of his newly found passions, Gino carries a Camera on him at all times. He states “street photography is a constant open canvas and its constantly changing every second so one has to be extremely fast with ones compositions and camera, that being said you can express emotion, art, fashion, current events it has no limits and has no set subjects.” 

Gino's photos have been featured through several photographic portals including Los Angles Times, Eyes Open Magazine (Italy) and EyeEM magazine.

Services offered:

- Portraiture 

- Engagement

- Fine Art

- Fashion

- Architectural